• Wide experience advising international clients

  • English speaking professionals with an in depth knowledge of the business culture of a large number of countries

  • Over 100 professionals in all areas of law (Tax Law, Corporate Law, Labour Law, Family Law…)

  • We advise the large English speaking community residing in Barcelona, Madrid, Girona, Ibiza and Andorra , where we have offices

  • Collaboration with law firms all over the world, and specially with law firms in Miami as a door to Latin America

  • Members of ITSG, a network of law firms specialized on international tax advice to both companies and private individuals

  • We advise companies in their internationalization process, as well as foreign businesses wishing to invest in Spain and Latin America

  • We advise private individuals owning wealth abroad or wishing to move to Spain


Albert Folguera Ventura

Beatriz Argilés Riedl