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Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy Law

Our bankruptcy department has professionals with solid experience. We manage a team for each specific case of financial crisis to offer comprehensive advice and the most appropriate solutions for the particular bankruptcy situation for both individuals and companies.

  • Advice in the pre-bankruptcy phase.

  • Representation, advice and legal assistance to the bankrupt party in the various stages of the arrangement with creditors (common phase, agreement phase, liquidation phase and bankruptcy assessment).

  • Advice on the acquisition of productive units, purchase and sale of goods from inventories of bankrupt companies.

  • Drawing up of the creditors’ agreement.

  • Advice, representation and legal defence of the directors’ liability in the assessment of the bankruptcy.

  • Communication and recognition of credits and defence of the rights of creditors.

  • Contesting of claims.

  • Recovery of VAT of unpaid invoices by the bankrupt party.

  • Preparation of financial-accounting expert reports required for the creditors’ agreement and the bankruptcy assessment.


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