Foreign investment in Spain has increased by 8.1% in the first quarter of 2023, according to the DataInvex Foreign Investment Registry. Particularly noteworthy is the 20.3% rise in non-ETVE investment, reaching 9.912 billion euros. These figures underline the confidence foreign investors have in the Spanish economy and business climate.

The technology, renewable energy, tourism, and real estate sectors have been the most benefited. Foreign investment drives the economy, fosters innovation, and facilitates the internationalization of Spanish companies.

The government has implemented measures to promote this investment, and the growth trend is expected to persist throughout the year, strengthening the economy and solidifying Spain as one of the most appealing destinations for foreign investment in Europe.

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  • Individuals residing in Spain who are moving abroad or have assets overseas.
  • Internationalization process for local business.
  • Establishment of foreign companies in Spain.
  • Advisory for companies regarding their displaced and expatriate workers.
  • Application of tax benefits to work conducted abroad.
  • Coordination and oversight of foreign subsidiary companies.
  • Foreign individuals relocating their residence to Spain.

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