What is the Digital Certificate?

The digital certificate is a digital document issued by a trustworthy Service Provider that allows you to identify yourself to third parties, sign documents electronically and carry out any electronic procedure safely, both for natural and legal persons.

It is important for the end of the year to manage to obtain this certificate for the settlement of taxes and access to Official Bodies.

Need / Obligation Digital Certificates

We remind you that the digital certificate for legal entities / companies is mandatory. Addwill can guide you through this process in a simple and comfortable way, once you have the necessary documents and identification evidence that we can also help you get.

It is advisable to obtain your digital certificate as a natural person and now it can be done online and without travel, simplifying the process and taking advantage of the possibilities offered by technology, also with the necessary documentation and evidence.

Processing and management of the Digital Certificate

If you need the Digital Certificate urgently, at addwill we can help you with the process and obtaining it through our partner GESTIÓN DOCUMENTAL TELEMATICA, S.L.P. (“Gd @”), agency accredited as a Registration Authority to manage the issuance of digital certificates of all kinds in 48 hours. We can get your certificate with a simple ecofriendly management from your home and safely.

You can find all the details through the following link: Gd@ 

For any questions or to obtain more information about it, do not hesitate to contact us