German companies are showing a growing interest in Catalunya, with investments ranging from large companies to start-ups. Despite the past political crisis and a decrease in foreign investment confidence, Catalunya seems to be regaining its appeal to international companies, particularly those from Germany. Spain also finds itself in a favorable position in this regard.

A prominent example reflecting this trend is the significant investment announced by the Volkswagen Group in Spain. This business group has committed substantial investment in the country, underscoring the interest of foreign companies in establishing themselves in this region.

In the context of foreign investment in Spain, Germany stands out as one of the leading investing countries, particularly in Catalunya. In 2022, Germany ranked third in terms of investment, trailing only behind the United States and the United Kingdom.

Regarding Catalunya, this region received investments from international companies last year, albeit in smaller amounts than Madrid. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the Generalitat attracted investments worth 620 million euros through its incentive and support programs. In this context, Germany emerged as the leader in investment projects.

A recent example highlighting German interest in Catalunya is the case of the Lufthansa Group, one of Europe’s leading airlines, which has decided to establish a digital center in Barcelona, resulting in the creation of 300 jobs over the next two years.

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