International Tax Specialist Group

Since 2020, ADDWILL is a member of ITSG (International Tax Specialist Group), a network of tax specialists with members in more than 50 countries around the world, including Spain and Andorra. ADDWILL is represented in this network by our partners from the tax department, Stella Raventós and Albert Folguera.

ITSG provides practical, creative and high-quality international tax advice around the world. Each ITSG member has extensive experience in international tax planning and is recognized as such by their associates. It is a unique team of international advisors permanently in contact and with a high level of practical knowledge of taxes in their countries of reference.

The clients of ITSG members are companies from all types of industry with a clear international vocation and expanding to new markets; internationally mobile executives; and people of high purchasing power who are considering a change of residence. Before making any relevant decision, it is highly recommended to analyze international taxation in coordination with tax experts from each country.

For any need for international advice, we would appreciate it if you contact us via email or in the CONTACT section, referring to “international advice”.