In the recent event organized by addwill in collaboration with the Association of Entrepreneurs of Arganda Rivas and Region (ASEARCO) on February 15 at the Business Services Center of Arganda, headquarters of ASEARCO, Albert Folguera, partner-director of the tax department at addwill, addressed the urgency for companies and self-employed individuals to adapt to the new regulation before July 1, 2025.

During the conference, valuable recommendations were provided to entrepreneurs to facilitate practical and effective decision-making in this upcoming evolution in digital business management.

The session brought together 40 attendees, representatives of businesses of various sizes and self-employed individuals, who had the opportunity to firsthand learn about the latest developments regarding the Veri*Factu Regulation and electronic invoicing.

David París, president of ASEARCO, introduced the event, which focused on the objectives of the new Veri*Factu regulation, as explained by Folguera in his presentation. In addition to facilitating digitization to save costs and improve competitiveness for micro-businesses, SMEs, and self-employed individuals, the aim is to combat tax fraud, prevent delinquency in commercial transactions, and offer a qualitative leap in services for compliance with VAT and direct tax declarations.

Albert Folguera detailed the differences between the Electronic Invoice regulations and the VeriFactu regulations, emphasizing that the project for the former is pending approval and focuses on B2B operations among entrepreneurs.

Regarding billing computer systems, the VeriFactu Regulation, already in force, establishes the requirements for issuing complete and simplified invoices, including elements such as the QR code to graphically represent the partial content of the invoice.

Folguera pointed out that these invoices may carry the phrase “Invoice verifiable at the electronic headquarters of the AEAT” or “VERIFACTU” in cases where the system sends all billing records to the Tax Agency. Additionally, he explained the security elements that billing records must include, such as a unique “hash” generated for each invoice and the electronic signature.

The event concluded with networking, where representatives of participating companies exchanged ideas while enjoying a snack and wine from the Vinícola de Arganda Cooperative.

For addwill, it has been a pleasure to participate in this insightful presentation. We take this opportunity to invite you to browse our website and learn more about addwill and its professionals. Also, remember that if you want to obtain our professional advice, you can contact us by clicking here. We will be happy to assist you.