Wolters Kluwer training given by Albert Folguera

  Albert Folguera, partner-director of addwill's Family Business Department, will give the online training “Family Business Monograph: The Family Protocol. Approach to Family Offices” [...]

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Addwill advises the constitution of the Clúster de Residus de Catalunya

  On January 18, the partners Joan Jové and Guillem Hors and the lawyer Maria Rodríguez had the honor of participating in the act [...]

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Attendance of Albert Folguera to the cycle on Family Business organized by the Barcelona Lawyers Forum

Albert Folguera, partner of the tax department at addwill at our headquarters in Barcelona, will participate as a speaker next Thursday, February 9 at [...]

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Participation of Gabriel Albendea and Albert Folguera in the conference on Tax News 2023 of the Alcobendas Business Association

Next Thursday, February 2, Gabriel Albendea and Albert Folguera, addwill partners in the tax areas of the Madrid and Barcelona offices, respectively, will participate [...]

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Assistance of Tamara Soriano at the Business Forum 2023

On January 18, the 2023 Business Forum was held at the headquarters of the Escola Pia Nostra Senyora in Barcelona, which was attended by [...]

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Reunion of the entire addwill team at Christmas lunch

Last December 16, the entire addwill team was called to the Sant Gervasi headquarters and we had the opportunity to meet and enjoy Christmas [...]

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Maika Nin’s attendance at the II Innovation Summit in Andorra

On November 21, Maika Nin, director of the addwill Andorra office, attended the II Innovation Summit organized by Andorra Recerca i Innovació (Research and [...]

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Dona Secret magazine publishes the appointment of Maika Nin as director of Addwill Andorra

Today we want to share with you the November publication nº92 of the Andorran magazine Dona Secret, which echoes the incorporation of Maika Nin [...]

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