Addwill, in collaboration with Andbank, have the honor to present the conference titled “Spanish Residents in Andorra: Preventions and Fiscal Risks in 2024“. The presentation will be delivered by Stella Raventós Calvo, , a recognized lawyer specializing in International Taxation and a partner in the Tax Department of addwill, that served as the President of the Spanish Association of Tax Advisors (AEDAF) from 2020 to 2023. The closing remarks will be given by Maika Nin, Director of the addwill office in Andorra.

During the event, hosted by Maria Suárez, Director of Banca País at Andbank, the addwill experts will share key insights for optimal tax planning for Spanish residents in Andorra.

Stella Raventós will address the existing divergences between the tax systems of Andorra and Spain, which must be understood to minimize exposure to risks associated with Andorran residency. Among the precautions to consider are the regulatory aspects affecting residency and the Spain-Andorra Double Taxation Agreement (DTA), as well as due diligence in situations such as information requests or potential actions by the Spanish Tax Agency.

The presentation is aimed at professionals in the banking and financial sector working with Spanish clients residing in Andorra, tax advisors, and wealth managers with clients interested in Andorran residency. It also targets Spanish residents in Andorra seeking to resolve doubts about their fiscal expectations, accessing the knowledge of a specialized consultancy in the fiscal domain.

The conference will take place on Monday, February 19, at 7:00 PM, in person at the Conference Hall of the Andbank headquarters in Escaldes-Engordany. Interested parties must register in advance through the addwill phone: (+376) 833 333 or email