We share with you the collaboration and active participation of the commercial department of addwill as legal advisor to Rungie, to raise €1.5M in its first round of investment thanks to Kfund and Webedia.

Rungie is a Catalan start-up company founded in Barcelona in 2021, focused on the creation of supercommunities on the Web3, its first project being an NFT art gallery dedicated to Spanish-speaking artists Mito, which uses the Polygon protocol to bring artists closer to society and reduce energy consumption by more than 90% compared to other networks and projects.

You can read the full news in the Europa Press digital newspaper through the following link: www.europapress.es/economia/finanzas-00340/noticia-rungie-capta-15-millones-ronda-liderada-kfund-20220704170805.html.

At addwill we are specialists in accompanying start-ups, in the legal field from its inception and in all its phases, as well as in tax planning and BPO services, so addwill is at your disposal to offer advice and support throughout this process by our legal, tax and accounting advisors.

We take the opportunity to share the post on the addwill website on “The Startups Law project and its tax implications“, as well as to remind you that if you want to obtain our professional advice you can contact us through the contact form. We will be glad to help you.