Albert Folguera Ventura, partner-director of addwill at the Department of Family Business, conducted an online training session on June 29 organized by the Entrepreneurship and Training Area of the Department of Enterprise and Employment of the Generalitat of Catalunya.

This training aims to program and conduct a session on legal resources: “Legal Resource Kit: Law 28/2022, of December 21, on the promotion of the ecosystem for emerging companies, and Law 18/2022, of September 28, on the creation and growth of businesses.”

Both laws are aimed at promoting the business ecosystem and fostering the growth of emerging companies. Through tax incentives, economic support, and streamlining administrative procedures, efforts are being made to promote innovation and attract investments for new companies. Additionally, measures are being implemented to facilitate entrepreneurship, such as access to financing and markets.

These recent regulations are expected to enhance the competitiveness and success of emerging companies, contributing to their pivotal role in economic growth and job creation. Thus, work is being done to create a conducive environment for the success of new businesses and entrepreneurial growth.

Albert Folguera is the President of the Fiscal and Financial Law Section of the Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB), a member of the International Tax Specialist Group (ITSG) network, and the coordinator of the Expert Group on Indirect Taxes of the AEDAF.

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