The Andorran Council of Ministers approved on January 11, Decree 7/2023 that sets the Interprofessional minimum wage for 2023, which contemplates an increase of 7.1% with effect from January 1.

Thus, this new decree, which will enter into force the day after its publication in the Official Gazette of the Principality of Andorra (BOPA), places the Interprofessional hourly minimum wage at 7.42 euros/hour as of January 1, 2023 The minimum monthly Interprofessional salary will remain at 1,286.13 euros.

The increase in the minimum wage (and, therefore, also in the Social Cohesion Economic Threshold, the LECS), directly implies an increase in some non-contributory benefits: benefits for involuntary unemployment; Family allowances per dependent child; solidarity pensions for people with disabilities; solidarity pensions for the elderly; non-contributory supplements for old age, disability and widowhood; temporary widow’s pensions and orphan’s pensions.

Andorran CPI of 7.1%

Likewise, the decree that determines the General Consumer Price Index (CPI) for 2022, which has stood at 7.1%, has also been approved. The main groups that increase inflation are:

  • Group 1: “Food and non-alcoholic beverages” with growth of eight tenths, standing at +13.5%.
  • Group 4: “Housing, water, gas, electricity and other fuels” with growth of one point and four tenths, standing at +7.5%.
  • Group 9: “Recreation, entertainment and culture” with growth of two points and seven tenths, standing at +9.1%.

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