Andorra approves a 7.1% increase in the minimum wage by 2023

The Andorran Council of Ministers approved on January 11, Decree 7/2023 that sets the Interprofessional minimum wage for 2023, which contemplates an increase of [...]

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Increase in the contributions of the Equity Mechanism

The year 2023 brings major changes in the public pension system, such as the entry into force of the pension reform or the application [...]

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On April 1, 2023, it will no longer be mandatory to present a copy of your sick leave

Workers who are temporarily unable to carry out their work activity will no longer be obliged to deliver the medical leave to their company [...]

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New Organic Law 10/2022, on the Integral Guarantee of Sexual Freedom: criminal implications for the companies

Last Friday, October 7, Organic Law 10/2022, of September 6, on the Integral Guarantee of Sexual Freedom, better known as the "Only Yes is [...]

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Royal Decree-Law 16/2022 Improvement of working and Social Security conditions for domestic employees

On Tuesday, September 6, the Spanish Government approved Royal Decree-Law 16/2022, which aims to equate the working and Social Security conditions of domestic workers [...]

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New Law 15/2022 for Equal Treatment and Non-Discrimination

Last July 14, Law 15/2022, of July 12, comprehensive for equal treatment and non-discrimination (BOE July 13), entered into force, which aims to prevent [...]

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Contingency Plan for Ukrainian refugees in labor matters

Due to the current situation derived from the war that Russia is currently facing Ukraine, the European Union has activated the Temporary Protection Directive [...]

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The Generalitat will grant 19,500 euros to companies to encourage the hiring of unemployed young people for a year

Last July 2021, the Generalitat de Catalunya reported on the implementation of a shock plan against unemployment, whose measures to support employment focus on [...]

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