On February 22, 2023, the Government of Andorra approved the new Regulation of the Immigration Service, – which includes the mechanism that the Government has provided so that the salaries of subcontracted workers abroad are comparable to those of employees of the Principality.

The regulation establishes the conditions for obtaining residence in Andorra, both for foreigners with the intention of establishing themselves permanently and for those who temporarily move to the country.

This modification responds to the health coverage of workers posted to Andorra from foreign companies (from countries with which Andorra does not have a social security agreement) in the event of temporary disability and, on the other hand, in order to strictly comply with the articles of the Law qualified of immigration.

In this way, the requirement of documentation is increased and the contract will be requested with the working conditions of these people.

Likewise, a new article has been approved for the Qualified Immigration Law in relation to the integration of the foreigner holding a residence and work permit. The Government provides for the creation of a committee that will evaluate the level of integration of the person in the country, so that he can access a residence permit of a validity immediately superior to that which would correspond if they pass a knowledge test.

This approval of the regulation contributes to the national security and economic development of the country, since it allows greater regulation of immigration in Andorra. Likewise, it lays the foundations for transparent management of the entry and exit of foreigners in the country.

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