More advantages to acquire Andorran citizenship

  Residence flexibility: Twenty years not always uninterrupted On November 4th, in a session before the legislative committee of the Andorran government, a proposal [...]

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Requirements for Working in Andorra During the Winter Season

  The Ministry of Justice and Interior, through the Immigration Service, has prepared a complete document outlining all the requirements that temporary workers must [...]

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Andorra Signs non-double taxation Agreement with the Netherlands: Enhancing investment and economic exchange

  On Friday, October 13, 2023, Andorra signed a new non-double Taxation Agreement (CDI) with the Netherlands. This agreement will facilitate investment and economic [...]

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ANDORRA: Deployment of the digital portfolio for online Identification begins

The Government of Andorra is advancing in the implementation of its digital transformation plan, with the announcement of a tender for the creation of [...]

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Andorra is advancing towards a cutting-edge digital administration

  On June 28, 2023, Decree 315/2023 was published in Andorra, approving the modification of the Regulation on supervision, control, and public trust in [...]

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Digital Economy Law in Andorra: Regulation for the development of controlled testing environment or Sandbox

Within the framework of Andorra's new Digital Economy Law, the Regulation for the development of a controlled testing environment or sandbox is introduced. This [...]

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Andorra: Approval of the Fiscal Control Plan for the tax year 2023

This decree aims to approve the Fiscal Control Plan for the tax year 2023 in Andorra. The Plan is legally based on Article 64, [...]

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Digital Economy Law in Andorra: Amendment Regulation of the Law on Anonymous and Limited Liability Companies

  On December 23, 2022, the Law 42/2022 came into effect, dated December 1, introducing three regulations regarding the digital economy, entrepreneurship, and innovation. [...]

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Tax agreement between Andorra and South Korea to eliminate double taxation

On Thursday, March 23, the delegations of the Principality of Andorra and South Korea finalized in person in the Principality the negotiations of the [...]

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