On January 18, the 2023 Business Forum was held at the headquarters of the Escola Pia Nostra Senyora in Barcelona, which was attended by our colleague Tamara Soriano, head of addwill‘s Human Resources Department.

The event began with a lecture by Professor Xavier Marcet on the topic “The role of companies in future workers” and continued with an Experience Talks, ending with a standing dinner offered to all attendees.

This forum is an initiative that seeks to reflect on the training role of the company, and the greater commitment that is required of this active training agent for young high school and professional training students, which complements the acquisition of professional skills in a real context of work.

The event completed the program with the testimony of those who are the true protagonists of the FP (Vocational Training), the alumni, who shared with the audience the details of their work experience in companies in the sector for which they have been trained at school. This was followed by the presentation of awards to those collaborating companies and entities, including addwill with the representation of Tamara Soriano, who have demonstrated their commitment to the FP and to the quality of the practical stays of our students.

For addwill it is a pleasure and a pride to be able to participate in this type of initiative, supporting the training project of the Escola Pia for the accompaniment and growth of people.

We take this opportunity to invite you to browse our website to learn more about addwill and its professionals, as well as to remind you that if you wish to obtain our professional advice you can contact us through the contact form. We will be happy to help you.