Albert Folguera, partner of the tax department at addwill, attended the spring conference of the INTERNATIONAL TAX SPECIALIST GROUP (ITSG) held in Limassol, Cyprus, on May 19, 2022, as a member of this international network, which focused on the following topics: ATAD 3 and the use of shell companies, the proposed new UK regime and definition of groups, trusts, working from home and issues for the individual and the employer, VAT and the one stop shop, and tax issues in common to Europeans living in the United States and Americans from the US living in Europe.

Every year the ITSG holds two conferences: A European conference and the world conference. Here is a summary of the program of this last conference:

The ITSG is a network of tax specialists with members in over 50 countries around the world, providing high-quality, creative and practical international tax advice worldwide. Each ITSG member has extensive experience in international tax planning and is recognized as such by their associates. This is a very unique team of international advisers who stay in touch with the world stage and have a working knowledge of taxes in other countries.

It has been a pleasure for Albert Folguera and for addwill to attend this conference and share experience with fellow ITSG members from different areas of expertise such as John Graham, Paul Kraan, Gary Ashford, Andrea Tavecchio, Ali Kanani, Virginie Marrere, Paul Bramall, Erik Herkströter, and Galia Antebi.

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