The renowned Spanish lawyer Stella Raventós Calvo, specializing in International Taxation, led the first conference organized by addwill Andorra in collaboration with Andbank. The event took place on February 19 at the Andbank headquarters in Escaldes-Engordany. During the conference, discrepancies between the tax systems of Andorra and Spain were analyzed. Raventós presented a strategic approach to minimize exposure to fiscal risks.

Raventós, a partner in the Tax Department at addwill, shared the stage with Maika Nin, managing partner of addwill in Andorra. Both emphasized key elements for optimal tax planning aimed at Spanish residents in the country. They highlighted the importance of regulatory aspects related to residency and the Double Taxation Treaty (DTT) between Spain and Andorra. They also underscored due diligence in situations such as information requests or potential actions by the Spanish Tax Agency.

Regarding the Income Tax for Individuals (IRPF) in Spain, which focuses on taxpayers with habitual residence in the country, Stella Raventós detailed various relevant criteria. This includes surpassing 183 days of presence on Spanish territory during the natural year, including sporadic absences. Additionally, they addressed the presumptive habitual residence in Spanish territory in specific situations.

As for the Double Taxation Treaty between Spain and Andorra, it was noted that, despite stays abroad, one is considered a resident of the Spanish State based on circumstances such as the permanence of vital interests and the majority concentration of income and assets in Spain. Stella Raventós’ detailed explanation in her presentation clarifies important nuances that determine tax residency and its implications in relation to this bilateral agreement between Spain and Andorra.

We appreciate the participation of nearly a hundred professionals from the financial sector in addwill‘s conference. The event was successful, providing participants with the opportunity to address questions and exchange opinions fruitfully.

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