Albert Folguera Ventura, partner in the Tax Department of addwill, participated in an interview on the Betevé VIA 15 program on December 11, 2023, addressing relevant topics in the fiscal and economic field.

During the interview, Albert Folguera offered his perspective on the reasonableness of the constant tax increases by the Public Administrations in Spain, marked by the regulatory intervention of three levels of administrative entities: municipal, regional, and state. When analyzing the budgetary needs of each public entity, he emphasized that the expenses and investments budgeted by each entity should be covered by the income generated from taxes.

In the realm of tax progressivity, Albert Folguera distinguished between direct and indirect taxes, highlighting the relevance of VAT as a proportional tax that taxes consumption. He addressed the migration of taxpayers to regions with lower tax burdens, emphasizing the importance of balancing services provided by these regions and tax revenue.

Regarding municipal taxes such as property tax (IBI), he focused on the question of the proportionality of these levies in relation to retirement and unemployment, emphasizing the importance of creating local policies adapted to specific municipal needs.

Albert Folguera also indicated that increases in municipal taxes respond to the need to meet growing budgetary expenses and investments, emphasizing that the increases are reaching their limit, as public entities should consider the need to implement a plan to adjust common expenses.

Briefly addressing the underground economy, estimating its representation at approximately 20% of the GDP, suggesting that its reduction could generate surpluses in public accounts for a general reduction in taxes.

Regarding tax fraud, he identified scenarios such as hiding income, inflating expenses, or engaging in activities outside public control, emphasizing the need to combat tax fraud, although he recognized its complexity. The interview concluded with a reflection on the importance of analyzing all requirements before tax authorities and encouraged challenging assessments in court under justified circumstances.

As a partner in the tax area of addwill, Albert Folguera leads the tax department of Family Business and International Taxation, advising several business families, and is also an associate professor at the University of Barcelona.

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