Stella Raventós Calvo, President of the Spanish Association of Tax Advisors (AEDAF) and partner in the addwill tax department, was interviewed on June 16 on the 24-hour channel of Radiotelevisión Española, on issues such as the possibility of a tax on electricity companies and the legality or not of submitting personal income tax online. If you want to know her answers in this regard, we invite you not to miss them through the following link (

The AEDAF brings together more than 3,000 professionals, university graduates specializing in tax matters, who are mainly and preferably dedicated to tax advice, either on their own or for someone else, and invites any tax advice professional who wishes to have a meeting point with other professionals and share knowledge for your best professional practice.

In addition, Stella Raventós is part of prestigious institutions such as the Barcelona Bar Association, the Spanish Association of Financial Law, the International Tax Association and the European Tax Confederation, in which, since January 2020, she is Vice President, as well as a member of the International Tax Specialist Group (ITSG), an international network of tax specialists.

Stella Raventós, who represents our values ​​and has successfully performed her profession in multiple prestigious law firms, came to addwill with the intention of providing us with her valuable experience.

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