On November 21, Maika Nin, director of the addwill Andorra office, attended the II Innovation Summit organized by Andorra Recerca i Innovació (Research and Innovation: AR+I).

The event was held at the Andorra Park Hotel and was attended by a hundred people and served to approve the adhesion of the commissions formed by experts from the country in Talent, Business and Financing, Infrastructure and Ecosystem in the National Strategy for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Jordi Gallardo, Minister of the Presidency, Economy and Business, gave the welcome and highlighted that one of the priorities in recent years has been the development and positioning of Andorra as an attractive and competitive environment for open innovation and entrepreneurship through an Innovation Strategy, with the ratification and adhesion by a large part of the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem of Andorra.

Likewise, he stood out the desire to start designing Andorra’s future technology park.

The main actions to be promoted, among others in a first phase, would be the detection of senior expatriate talent residing in Andorra to connect it to the ecosystem, the deployment of specialized training programs in innovation and entrepreneurship.

To end this second edition of the Innovation convention, a prize and two second prizes were awarded to the winner and finalists of the Planetech challenge.

It is a pleasure for addwill to be able to participate in this type of event, offering all our support and collaboration.

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