Last Friday, April 1, the entire addwill team was convened at La Salle Campus Barcelona-URL in a day that is very important and exciting for the future of addwill, as it meant the reunion of all colleagues in one act – after two years of not being able to make any celebration for well-known reasons -, and the exposition of the Strategic Plan that 14 people, between partners and directors of department, have been working and developing in the last months.

The presentation of the Strategic Plan 2022-2025 is a very important step for addwill and for all the people we are part of, with the firm will to share the work done by a group of professionals in the company and which is specific to sharing our mission, values, strategic objectives and the action plan that will occupy and concern us for the next 4 years.

After two very complex years in a context of global pandemic that coincided with a merger process that began in March 2020, we finally have this great opportunity to launch this strategic plan, whose fundamental mission is to accompany our customers, identify your needs, offer a tailor-made service, with innovative solutions that seek excellence, and adding the wills of a team of committed, talented and adequately recognized professionals.

We want to position ourselves as a reference firm with clear shared values, among which we highlight the support and empathy with the client, ethics and honesty, innovation and the recognition and growth of all addwill professionals; values ​​that we have the purpose, among others, to accompany with a territorial expansion at national and international level in which to extend these values ​​and to position addwill like office of reference of middle market.

In addition, this Strategic Plan integrates a social collaboration plan framed in our social commitment by carrying out solidarity actions, which in the addwill philosophy occupies a priority place.

Once the presentation of the Strategic Plan was over, we ended the day with a celebration at the addwill facilities at the Paseo de Sant Gervasi, where we enjoyed the company of everyone with a party meal and several more surprises.

It is a pride and a pleasure for the entire addwill team to be able to share this new stage of encouraging projects, as well as being able to continue to accompany our client on this journey, giving all our support and collaboration for mutual growth.

We take this opportunity to invite you to browse our website to learn more about addwill. You can contact us by clicking here.