Residence flexibility: Twenty years not always uninterrupted

On November 4th, in a session before the legislative committee of the Andorran government, a proposal for the revision of the Qualified Nationality Law was presented. The aim is to make adjustments to the procedures and requirements for obtaining nationality, with a focus on improving justice.

One of the notable changes within the current legislation considers the possibility of accumulating various periods of residence in the country to meet the required twenty years for eligibility for nationality. This change aims to simplify the process, especially for those who have had to travel temporarily abroad to take on responsibilities such as caring for sick individuals.

Additionally, there is a proposal to facilitate access to Andorran nationality for individuals who have been educated in the country for ten years. Unlike the previous requirement to demonstrate compulsory education between the ages of six and sixteen, now the ten courses between the ages of three and eighteen will be taken into account.

With these modifications to the Nationality Law, Andorra seeks not only to simplify procedures but also to promote inclusion and accessibility to citizenship rights, adapting to the changing needs of society. The proposal reflects the Andorran government’s commitment to continuous improvement and equity in the legal framework of the country.

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