Several professional experts from different departments of our firm, addwill, are participating this year 2023 in a training project for the labor insertion of unemployed individuals. We are collaborating with the Fundació de l´Esperança of the Fundació “la Caixa” within the socio-labor insertion program “Incorpora Formació“.

On September 12th, addwill initiated these training sessions, with most of them taking place at our Sant Gervasi headquarters and lasting approximately one month. The focus is on providing fundamental knowledge of the legal, fiscal, and accounting aspects of a company. Moreover, there is an emphasis on adapting to the specific accounting practices in our country, with a special focus on using the A3CON program (Wolters Kluwer).

One of the objectives of this Foundation is to promote equal opportunities and encourage the labor market inclusion of individuals at risk of exclusion. It is a direct social action entity that works to address poverty and inequalities in Ciutat Vella (Barcelona).

At addwill, we are deeply committed to sustainable development, and we are very mindful of the community and its potential ethical and social concerns. Therefore, our willingness to cooperate with Fundació l’Esperança translates into offering courses to train accounting administrators aimed at students who are primarily individuals with medium to higher education in their home countries. They are seeking updated training in Catalunya that will enable them to access employment in the above mentioned fields.

As a collaborating company, addwill hopes that our training sessions open doors to social integration for all enrolled students, offering them the opportunity to learn and acquire new technical skills that will enable them to progress in our professional business services.

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