From September 15 to 16, 2022, the AEDAF Summer Course was held at the Palacio de la Magdalena in Santander, with the intervention of two addwill partners, Stella Raventós Calvo, the president of AEDAF, who inaugurated the course and Albert Folguera, as coordinator of the Group of Experts on Indirect Taxes of AEDAF.

The president of AEDAF, Stella Raventós, together with the member responsible for studies and research, Javier Gómez Taboada, and the territorial delegate of AEDAF in Cantabria, Jesús Pereda, presided over the opening of the Summer Course.

Albert Folguera, partner of the tax department of addwill, participated as moderator of the session “The VAT of entrepreneurship”.

According to Gómez Taboada, this course, among other aspects, it was focused on analyzing whether the real practice of entrepreneurship taxation responds to what is stated in the BOE or if it takes more dangerous drifts in terms of not too favorable administrative interpretations, legal insecurity, rule change, etc.

The course was a complete success, since it brought together more than 100 tax experts from all over the country, who addressed issues such as the peculiarities and characteristics of the taxation of entrepreneurship in line with the upcoming approval of the Law for the Promotion of the Ecosystem of Companies, of maximum interest for companies and entrepreneurs in our country.

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