La Caixa Andorrana de Seguretat Social (CASS) works so that, progressively, all procedures can be carried out through the electronic headquarters, one of the objectives of the Oxigen plan, which also provided for a restructuring of the website and the intranet.

Last October 18, a new public and private portal for insured persons was launched. During the first semester of 2023, an improved portal for companies, self-employed workers and employers will start operating.

The president of the CASS, Montserrat Capdevila, explained that it is “a much better and more agile tool than the previous one, and also much safer”. Likewise, it is wanted that the new portal, which has been worked on throughout the last year, can be expanded in the future “on a daily basis”.

More and more procedures are carried out through CASS online. In this way, an average of 50,000 procedures of this type per month are counted, the majority of which correspond to companies. This is the best-rated service of the CASS. However, at the moment only 20% of the insured use the online channel as their first option. Therefore, the president wanted to make an effort now to improve the public portal, which is from 2017, and the private one, which needed “a daily update”.

The new public portal has a more modern and less heavy design and allows the search for information via mega menus, as well as incorporating quick access to the most frequent queries and giving greater visibility to news/news, and a new list of procedures.

In addition, navigation has been adapted to the format of mobile phones and electronic tablets, adding real-time data on the status of the insured and their beneficiaries. At the same time, the visibility of information of interest such as payments or status of the procedures has been improved and the portal has been prepared to expand the procedures quickly and independently in the future.

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