On September 8, the digital version of Cinco Días newspaper published an interview with Albert Folguera Ventura, CEO and partner at addwill, as well as coordinator of the Group of Experts on Indirect Taxes of the Spanish Association of Tax Advisors (AEDAF) and President of the Tax and Financial Law Section of the ICAB.

The article in question focuses on what taxes are paid when buying a home, as one of the most important investments for anyone, which involves a series of additional expenses added to the payment of the real estate itself.

The sale of a home is subject to a series of taxes that vary depending on whether it is new or second-hand, or if you are a buyer or seller. Within the broad casuistry, Albert Folguera highlights some general and common criteria that he analyzes in the article on the Cinco Días website. You can read it by clicking here

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