How to know if my company has related-party transactions that must be reported to the Tax Agency?

  In Spanish legislation, two or more companies or entities are considered related parties when one of them participates directly or indirectly in the [...]

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Surge of the Spanish Beckham Law following the UK’s renunciation of its special expatriate regime

  The UK's renunciation of its historic special expatriate regime boosts the attractiveness of the Spanish Beckham Law. The latest information anticipates that the [...]

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Amendment to limit BINs and tax deductions declared null by the Constitutional Court

  The PSOE has presented a legislative amendment aimed at modifying the Corporate Tax Law to restore limits on the offsetting of negative taxable [...]

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Digital Andorra: Uncovering the Opportunities of the Law on Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship

  The Law on Digital Economy, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation, in force since December 23, 2022, is a landmark that positions Andorra as a key [...]

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Changes in legislation for non-profit organizations and patronage

  The current legislation undergoes significant adjustments in the field of non-profit organizations and patronage, with the implementation of Book IV of Royal Decree-Law [...]

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The tax authorities strengthen control over changes of residence, instrumental companies, and restructuring operations

  In the year we have just left, and following the guidelines of the 2023 Annual Tax and Customs Control Plan, the tax authorities [...]

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Important: Legal Updates on Electronic Invoicing

  We share with you a relevant legislative update that impacts the fiscal and accounting management of companies or professional activities. The Royal Decree [...]

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