We are pleased to inform you that addwill has signed a collaboration agreement with ASEARCO, the Association of Entrepreneurs of Arganda, Rivas, and the surrounding area, to offer tax advisory services to its members, freelancers, and small businesses. This agreement represents an excellent opportunity for ASEARCO‘s members as they will have access to comprehensive tax advisory services with advantageous conditions.

Through this collaboration agreement, which was signed by Albert Folguera, CEO and Managing Partner of addwill, accompanied by Gabriel Albendea, responsible for the Madrid office, and David París, president of ASEARCO, associated businesses can access a wide range of services in the field of corporate tax advisory with a 10% discount.

At addwill, we provide tailored tax consultancy and advisory services to meet the challenges faced by family businesses. In this regard, we offer comprehensive tax planning for personal and business assets and support smooth and profitable generational transitions through a family protocol.

In terms of tax planning, our consultancy work covers taxes such as Wealth Tax, Solidarity Tax on High Net Worth Individuals, Inheritance and Gift Tax, Personal Income Tax, Corporate Income Tax, as well as the tax implications of restructuring operations that are sometimes necessary for the survival of family businesses.

Furthermore, addwill will act as a representative before the tax authorities for all tax-related matters that businesses may require, including tax management and inspection procedures. We also offer services in Real Estate Taxation and Indirect Taxation.

We can assist with the filing of appeals and claims before the Tax Administration, as well as before economic-administrative courts (TEAR-TEAC) and administrative courts. Additionally, our expertise extends to corporate restructuring operations such as mergers, spin-offs, business unit contributions, or share exchanges. We provide tax advisory and support to businesses throughout their lifecycle, accompanying them through the changes they may undergo.

We also act as a guide in potential sale and purchase of a company, providing proactive advice in the Due Diligence process. This involves conducting an analysis of the proper compliance with legal, tax, and labor obligations of the involved companies, ensuring a seamless transition for both the seller and the buyer.

For companies in need of financing operations, addwill focuses on conducting studies and financial, economic, and tax planning related to these operations. We provide specialized advice in international taxation for Spanish companies with international projection, foreign investors, or Spanish subsidiaries of foreign companies.

International companies will also benefit from our specialized services in international tax planning and double taxation agreements, among others. Additionally, addwill specializes in the taxation of expatriates and inpatriates. In the case of a company’s internationalization, addwill can assist with the planning and coordination of tax advisory through its membership in the International Tax Specialist Group (ITSG), a global network of tax advisors with a presence in over 50 countries.

Finally, addwill offers tax retainer services, where, through a monthly fee, we take care of the accounting and tax management of the company or group of companies.

According to David París and Ana Castañeda, president and manager of ASEARCO, “with the signing of this agreement, we can provide essential service for our freelancers and small associated businesses, comprehensive tax advisory.”

Through the tax experts at addwill, ASEARCO members will stay informed about regulatory changes and save time by streamlining the complex administrative process of complying with tax obligations. Moreover, freelancers and small businesses can anticipate and plan their available resources in advance, as well as stay informed about the tax deductions, bonuses, or exemptions they may be eligible for. Addwill‘s tax advisory services cover various key stages in the life of a company, from periodic tax compliance to future project financing, company sales and purchases, succession planning in family businesses, or international expansion, among others.

For addwill, it is a pleasure and a pride to establish strategic collaborations like the one we have made with ASEARCO, to provide high-quality and beneficial tax solutions for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

We invite you to browse our website to learn more about addwill and our professional experts, and we also remind you that if you wish to obtain our professional advice, you can contact us through the contact form. We will be glad to assist you.