Addwill is pleased to announce that Albert Folguera, Managing Partner of the Tax Department of Family Business, will lead an informative session on the latest updates in Electronic Invoicing and the “VeriFactu Regulation” on February 15. The event, in collaboration with ASEARCO, the Association of Entrepreneurs of Arganda, Rivas, and the Surrounding Area, will take place at 12:00 PM at the Business Services Center in Arganda del Rey.

The session will address the requirements of Royal Decree 1007/2023 of December 5, highlighting the new real-time invoice submission system, mandatory for entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals before July 2025. This system incorporates security measures such as unique digital fingerprints and electronic signatures in the invoice registry, in accordance with the implementation of the “Veri*Factu Regulation” for computer systems and programs supporting billing processes.

It establishes a specific format for the invoice registry, incorporating security elements such as “chained hashes” (unique digital fingerprints generated for each invoice) and electronic signatures, ensuring that the registry cannot be altered after its creation.

As an alternative, the submission of billing records to the electronic headquarters of the Tax Agency at the time of production is allowed to prevent the use of so-called “double-use programs” or “sales concealment programs.”

During the session, participants will understand the requirements that billing programs must meet and the necessary actions to issue an invoice correctly. Another aspect that will be addressed during the informative session is the need to comprehensively adjust computer systems to this modification.

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