We share with you a relevant legislative update that impacts the fiscal and accounting management of companies or professional activities. The Royal Decree 1007/2023, dated December 5, has been approved, establishing what is known as the “Veri*factu Regulation” for computer or electronic systems and programs supporting billing processes.

Following is the link to the information on the AEAT website regarding this new regulation: The “Veri*factu Regulation“.

The aim of this regulation is to ensure the integrity, preservation, accessibility, readability, traceability, and inalterability of billing records generated by computer systems. To achieve this, a specific format is defined for the invoice record, to which security elements such as linked hashes and electronic signatures are added.

This regulation will require business owners and professionals using billing computer systems, not covered by the immediate information supply (S.I.I.) system, to automatically generate a high-level billing record simultaneously or immediately prior to issuing each invoice. They must also add a trace or “hash” to both high-level and cancellation billing records. Alternatively, obligated parties may send billing records to the electronic headquarters of the Tax Agency at the time of production, aiming to avoid the use of so-called “dual-use programs” or “sales concealment programs”.

It is also intended that the use of the “Veri*factu” system with data transmission will, at an undetermined future date, allow taxpayers to download data, facilitating the preparation of fiscal record books and tax models.

This regulation will be effective from July 1, 2025.

In the coming months, addwill will organize webinars and provide necessary information through other means to ensure all our clients are well-informed about this new regulation. We will guide them in adapting appropriately, offering a detailed insight into the “Veri*factu Regulation” and practical guidance on implementing necessary changes in the company’s computer programs.

Furthermore, we want to inform you that the B2B Electronic Invoicing Regulation Project is in progress, with expectations of approval in the upcoming months. The computer systems of business owners must adapt comprehensively to both modifications.

We appreciate your trust in addwill, and we are committed to providing you with all the necessary support during this period of regulatory changes.

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