Sonia Buxaderas is a lawyer at the ICAB (Ilustre Colegiado de la Abogacía de Barcelona/Barcelona Illustrious Bar Association) and has a Master’s degree in Taxation from the Abat Oliba  of Barcelona.

She has worked in national and international law firms, including a Big Four firm, especially in the area of ​​International Taxation and a large company and Director of Taxation for a multinational group.

She is currently the Director in the Tax Department of addwill and the areas in which she usually works is advising companies in the field of international taxation, VAT, companies and planning and transfer pricing.

Sonia has also given numerous internal seminars and has been a professor at the UdG Law School.

Among her collaborations we highlight her article on the effects of Brexit on VAT and its opportunities, published in the magazine Món Jurídic in its n.333 of February / March 2021, of which we are attaching the link to our post in the Mediaroom.

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