There are different reasons that drive the entrepreneur to sell his company or to assess the need for the entry of new partners, not only to maximize the value to be received for the purchase, but also to guarantee the viability of the project, or to guarantee growth, among many others.

It is a difficult task to determine the moment in which to sell the company or negotiate the entry of new partners, since there are many factors to take into account, and opportunities do not always appear when they are wanted or needed, so prior preparation it will always be an aspect that will play in our favor.

In our experience in advising entrepreneurs who are considering selling their company or looking for new partners to grow their business, we know that there are a series of key questions that must be analyzed.

Is there business succession?

It is important to know if our business has succession, and if it does not, plan in advance the possible modes of succession.

What is the ideal moment?

Generational change is often the time to assess the sale of the business or the entry of new partners. There are other circumstances in which the growth of the business or the strategic course that the business is taking, can suppose and even require evaluating the sale of the business or entry of partners, to ensure the project or its growth.

In order to prepare a potential process for the sale of our business, it is highly recommended to previously carry out a tax study to determine the best conditions of sale, which requires much advance notice in order to be fully prepared at the time of sale.

What to take into account to sell my company or to enter new partners?

We must be aware that, if we want to sell our company or seek the entry of new partners, a Due Diligence of our company will most likely be carried out, so it will be very convenient to previously carry out our own review in order to get our best set-up and cover letter.

Likewise, these are long negotiation procedures, and in which a significant number of documents with a high technical content must be prepared, it is important and highly recommended to be accompanied throughout the process by commercial, tax and labor advisors, and when the negotiated conditions require it, financial advisers.

Furthermore, it must be taken into account that the entry of partners is always a more complex and lengthy process, since it requires regulating the terms of the joint trajectory in the future through a partner agreement document or similar.

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