Due to the current situation derived from the war that Russia is currently facing Ukraine, the European Union has activated the Temporary Protection Directive in the event of a massive influx of displaced persons, and consequently, the Government of Spain has expanded the groups subject to protection, establishing a series of specific instructions to receive the Ukrainian refugees who arrive in our country.

Ukrainian citizens who have requested refuge in Spain must report to police officers at the reception centers themselves or at police stations established for this purpose. At that very moment they will take your fingerprints and give you a NIE (Foreign Identification Number). Asylum offices must deal with these files urgently and the resolution must be resolved within a maximum of 24 hours. The notification of the resolution will be electronic, by mail, in person or directly at the reception centers. It will be then that they will receive residence and work permits. The special protection will last until it is deactivated, and will be automatically extended for periods of one year.

This instruction also includes people from Ukraine or from third countries who resided in that country and who were in Spain before February 24, even in an irregular situation, and who cannot return to Ukraine due to the conflict. Of course, it does not clarify whether it will be necessary to justify that they cannot return in some way -for example, having a residence there-. Thus, the following can benefit from this system: Ukrainians or residents of Ukraine who are or arrive in Spain and cannot return due to the invasion, as well as their families: spouses or recognized common-law partners, minor children and other dependent relatives.

From addwill, we want to show solidarity with all these refugees and offer them all the support and free legal advice they need, making our experience and knowledge available to all of them.

If you need more information in this regard, do not hesitate to contact us at extranjeria@addwill.eu or you can also consult us through our form by clicking here.