Royal Decree 203/2021 of March 30, has modified the regulation of electronic notifications, establishing that, since last September, all notifications and communications from the Tax Agency will be available at the single Authorized Electronic Address (Dirección Electrónica Habilitada única: DEHú).

This migration from the Enabled Electronic Address (Dirección Electrónica Habilitada: DEH) to the DEHú, implies a significant change in the Mandatory Electronic Notifications system, which was established in 2011.

To access this new portal and be able to download the notifications, the digital certificate / electronic DNI or PIN code will be necessary. Once inside the DEHú, we must include, in the “personal data” section, the email address where we wish to receive the notices. It is by communicating to the portal of our email, that we will be able to receive the notices of electronic notifications in the DEHú.

Even if we enable the receipt of notifications via email, technical problems may occur that interrupt communication about notifications. It is advisable to access the portal regularly, using the digital certificate / electronic DNI or PIN code, to avoid not displaying notifications and future sanctions.

By means of the implementation of the DEHú, taxpayers will simplify the management of their notifications. This is because, through a single portal, they will have access to all the notifications and communications issued by the different Issuing Bodies of Public Administrations.

Although the DEHú has been in force since last September, an adaptation period has been established that will end on April 4, 2022. During this transitory period, the sending of notifications by the DEH will be maintained. As of April 5, notifications from the Tax Agency can only be consulted from DEHú.

In this sense, from addwill we recommend that companies, freelancers and individuals have a valid electronic certificate to be able to receive and consult notifications and interact electronically with Public Administrations.

If you are interested in obtaining your digital certificate easily and safely, you can complete the procedure at this address: GD@

For any questions or to obtain more information about it, do not hesitate to contact us.