Within the framework of Andorra’s new Digital Economy Law, the Regulation for the development of a controlled testing environment or sandbox is introduced. This regulation aims to provide a secure and regulated space for the testing and experimentation of new technologies and innovative projects.

The Regulation for the development of a controlled testing environment or sandbox is one of the innovations introduced to adapt to the ever-evolving business environment and promote innovation. Its purpose is to establish an appropriate legal framework for the development of new technologies and digital solutions.

The testing environment, known as sandbox, seeks to foster the development of innovation and enable detailed analysis of behaviors and aspects related to this innovation in a real and controlled environment. To ensure the effectiveness and security of this regulated environment, the regulation addresses several key issues.

Firstly, clear requirements are established for accessing the sandbox, including the application process and evaluation criteria. This ensures that only projects with high potential for innovation and value can participate.

An essential aspect is the testing protocol, which outlines guidelines and stages for conducting tests within the sandbox. The importance of informed consent from participants in the tests is also emphasized, ensuring they are fully informed about the risks and implications.

Evaluation of test results is another key element. Criteria are defined to measure the success and impact of tests conducted within the sandbox, yielding significant insights for future regulations.

To ensure proper supervision, the existence of a supervisory authority and a Coordination Committee is established. These entities oversee and evaluate the development of the tests, ensuring integrity and legality of activities conducted within the sandbox.

With this regulation, the aim is to establish a robust regulatory framework that promotes and drives innovation in the digital sphere. This controlled and regulated environment provides protection to participants and instills confidence in end-users, positioning Andorra as a benchmark in the field of digital economy.

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