Today we want to share with you the November publication nº92 of the Andorran magazine Dona Secret, which echoes the incorporation of Maika Nin Sans as the new director of the addwill office in the Principality of Andorra. You can read the publicatión by clicking here.

On September 28, the incorporation of Maika NIn to addwill was celebrated with a presentation ceremony by the partners from Barcelona and Andorra, Sergi Rovira, Sergio Balagué, Albert Folguera, Eduard Navarro and Marc Artero, with the presence of all the team that Maika will be in charge of, who welcomed her with great enthusiasm to start this new stage of growth for the firm.

Maika Nin has a team of 10 professional experts who, with solid training and previous experience as an expert in auditing and tax advice to companies and individuals, joins the addwill team to add talent. Her incorporation represents an essential reinforcement to continue with addwill‘s desire to position itself as a reference firm and maintain its level of excellence.

Once the presentation ceremony for the new director was over, the entire team in attendance brought the day to an end enjoying a splendid celebratory meal at the La Petite Fôret restaurant in Andorra La Vella.

The entire addwill team is proud to be able to share this new stage with encouraging projects in Andorra, as well as being able to continue accompanying our clients on this journey, giving all our support and collaboration for mutual growth.

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