The Government of the Generalitat has presented a new plan of direct and quarterly aid to support those most affected by COVID-19, with a budget of 618 million euros from January to March, whose recipients will be mainly:

  • Self-employed workers whose income has been reduced.
  • Micro and small companies that have suffered a substantial drop in their turnover and are committed to maintaining jobs.
  • Workers who are in a temporary employment regulation file (ERTE).
  • The sectors most affected by the restrictions.

The Plan includes four points:

Reissue of aid for freelancers

  • The aid will be 2,000 euros for self-employed persons.
  • The estimated budget is 280 million euros, therefore it would benefit approximately 140,000 freelancers.
  • Requirements: income tax base for 2019 equal to or less than 35,000 euros / year, with a net return in 2020 equal to or less than 17,500 euros.
  • People who have already received it and those who perhaps did not meet the requirements then and now do.
  • The request is from registration to a new database of freelancers.
  • It will only be necessary to meet the requirements to register in the database and you will be able to access the help directly.

New direct aid to workers in ERTE situation

  • Direct aid for workers in any sector who are in ERTE.
  • Budget of 105 million euros and forecast to reach approximately 175,000 people.
  • The amount per beneficiary will be a minimum of 600 euros (you have to finish specifying with the social partners).

New aid for the training of workers in ERTE

  • Aimed at workers who are in ERTE, prioritizing the most affected sectors.
  • The objective is to recognize the work experience of the workers and help in their reorientation and requalification.
  • 25 million euros will be allocated to aid for training and it is expected to benefit 10,000 people.

Aid for small and micro companies in ERTE aimed at maintaining jobs

  • 208 million euros will be allocated.
  • For companies with less than 50 workers with a turnover of up to 10 million euros per year that have workers in ERTE as of December 31, 2020.
  • The aid will be 2,000 euros per full-time worker at ERTE with a maximum of 30,000 euros per company.
  • The 208 million will cover ERTE workers of micro and small companies, which are a total of 104,000.

In order to access the aid, the company must commit to maintaining the hiring of workers until December 31, 2021; in case of non-compliance, you will lose the entire grant.

To receive the aid, applicants will only have to make a certificate of self-responsibility and the administrative control of compliance with the requirements will be made once the payment has been made.

These grants can be added to other public and / or private grants or aid already requested or that may be launched in the future. If you have any questions or to complete the contents, you can contact the Labor Department.