Tax planning in family businesses is essential for efficiently managing taxes and protecting family assets.

In this context, various strategies are employed that adapt to the specific needs of each company and family. One of the most common practices is the creation of corporate structures that allow minimizing the tax burden, such as the use of holding companies or succession planning.

Additionally, there is a search for the application of available tax incentives, including deductions for corporate social responsibility activities (participation in foundations, NGOs, donations, etc.) or for investments in audiovisual productions or live shows. Likewise, with proper planning, investments can be channeled through collective vehicles such as Venture Capital Companies or SOCIMI.

Tax planning in family businesses not only aims to reduce taxes but also to ensure the continuity of the business across generations. This involves addressing aspects related to business succession, such as the efficient transmission of control and ownership from a tax perspective.

It is crucial that these strategies are implemented in compliance with current tax and legal regulations to avoid potential conflicts among family members and with tax authorities.

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