Last Friday, December 15, the Can Cortada restaurant in Barcelona witnessed a memorable event: Addwill‘s annual team gathering during the Christmas meal, with the enthusiastic participation of colleagues from our offices in Barcelona, Girona, Balears, and Andorra.

The day began with a team photo session outside Can Cortada, accompanied by a delicious appetizer. While capturing images reflecting the team’s harmony, we enjoyed a brief but pleasant refreshment.

Later, we shared a delightful Christmas meal in one of the lounges of Barcelona’s renowned restaurant, where good food combined with lively conversations and moments of joy.

After the meal, the celebration among colleagues continued with various exciting activities. Lucky winners were rewarded with diverse surprise gifts, all while enjoying pleasant company. The day concluded with dance and toasts, adding a festive and lively touch to the evening.

Furthermore, during the celebration, new colleagues who joined this year had the opportunity to introduce themselves and shared a fun moment by singing carols, adding a cheerful and festive note to the gathering.

This day was undoubtedly special and filled with shared emotions for the Addwill family. We look forward to enthusiastically experiencing similar moments in the future, as we continue to accompany our clients on this exciting journey, offering them our complete support and collaboration for mutual growth.

The Addwill professional team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. Let’s celebrate the magic of this season together!

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