We share with you the collaboration and participation of the addwill Legal Mercantile department as legal advisor to the vendors of the Emagister company, which joins the group of Miura Partners and Educaedu, a leading digital platform in training courses and access to the labor market.

The addwill team has actively participated in the legal advice of the operation by the sellers, advising them throughout the process of selling Emagister to Miura Partners.

The tax part of the seller has been advised by the Roca Junyent office.

Emagister, a training marketplace founded in 2000 in Sant Cugat del Vallés with a large catalog of courses and training centers around the world covering all existing categories, will continue to operate under its brand, maintaining teams and integrating its services.

You can read the full news in the Expansión newspaper through the following link:

https://www.expansion.com/catalunya/2022/05/02/62702e38e5fdeab7068b4633.html (with subscription).

In addition to Expansión, other media have echoed this news, such as the following:


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