The Labor Inspection has launched a monitoring campaign targeting companies with more than 50 employees, imposing fines of up to €7,500 on those lacking an approved equality plan. This oversight is part of the obligations established by the 2020 Royal Decree, which elaborates on the Equality Law.

During these inspections, labor experts have noted varied outcomes, influenced by the assessment of each inspection and the specific circumstances of each case. Some companies face penalties due to the absence of an equality plan, even if they are in the process of developing one. Others, while not penalized, are urged to establish and register the plan within a specified timeframe. Additionally, there are cases where a fine less than the maximum penalty is imposed.

Companies without a plan are obligated, and certain Social Security benefits cannot be applied, nor can they participate in public tenders.

Since March 7, 2022, regulations mandate that companies with over 50 employees have an equality plan. It is crucial to recall this obligation and understand its significance:

What is an Equality Plan?

An Equality Plan comprises a set of measures designed to eliminate obstacles hindering equality between women and men and eradicate gender discrimination in the business sphere.

Which companies are obligated to create it?

Any company, whether public or private, regardless of size, has the option to create its Equality Plan. However, the Royal Decree-Law 6/2019, from March, has reduced the minimum number of employees required for the creation and implementation of the plan from 250 to 50.

This reduction has been implemented gradually, linking the deadline for the entry into force of this obligation to the number of employees on the payroll.

What benefits does its creation and implementation bring to the company?

  • Compliance with current regulations (the absence of a mandatory equality plan is considered a serious or very serious offense).
  • Improvement of corporate reputation.
  • Detection of discriminatory situations.

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