The Tax Agency of Catalonia (ATC) has published in the electronic office the final list of vehicles with a fee to be paid for the tax on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from mechanically propelled vehicles (cars, vans, and motorcycles). It can be consulted by accessing through the Mobile idCAT (or other digital identification systems) or with the NIF and license plate number. Thus, the tax payment period opens, which can be done online from the same query screen of the register.

This tax is mandatory for all owners of a vehicle with a tax domicile in Catalunya in 2020. They are also required to tax legal persons without tax residence in Catalunya, but who have an establishment, branch, or office and vehicles registered during 2020.

People who debited the payment before July 15 and subscribed to the electronic notification, enjoy a 2% bonus on the fee and will receive a debit on account on November 5. From then on, the payment of the tax for the 2021 financial year and beyond may continue to be debited.

100% electric vehicles, mopeds, trucks or vehicles over 3.5 tons, coaches, and vehicles authorized to carry more than nine people are exempt from tax. Vehicles with historical vehicle registration and classic vehicles enjoy a bonus of 100% of the full fee and, therefore, are not taxed either.

You can consult in the following link made available by the ATC: Definitive register.

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