On June 5th, the German Chamber, in collaboration with Albert Folguera, managing partner of the tax department at addwill, offered a new “Controller Circle”, an online event dedicated to the Veri*factu regulation and updates in electronic invoicing.

Through Albert Folguera, attendees were introduced to the updates in the Anti-Fraud Law, specifically those related to the Veri*factu regulation, which sets out the requirements that must be adopted by the systems and software supporting the invoicing processes of entrepreneurs and professionals, as well as the standardization of invoicing record formats.

In his analysis, Folguera explained to more than 90 participants the key differences between the electronic invoicing regulations and the Veri*Factu regulation. He detailed that invoicing systems must ensure the preservation of all records generated during the period stipulated by the General Tax Law (LGT), as well as their accessibility and readability.

Additionally, he emphasized the importance of these systems being capable of sending all invoicing records to the State Tax Administration Agency (AEAT) in a continuous, secure, correct, integral, automatic, consecutive, instantaneous, and reliable manner. This process must be carried out electronically, thus ensuring strict compliance with the established requirements.

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