David Andreu Canals, partner and director of the Controlling & Reporting department at addwill, participated as a speaker on May 9th in Barcelona in a training session on the financial function applied to the cluster world. The training was organized by the Agency for Business Competitiveness (Acció Catalonia Trade & Investment) of the Government of Catalunya, as part of the Catalunya Clusters Program.

The purpose of the Catalunya Clusters Program is to promote the competitiveness of the Catalan economy, systematize the actions of the Government of Catalunya in the field of cluster policies, and contribute to the rationalization of the existing cluster map in Catalunya, based on the belief that cooperation among all stakeholders in the same environment is the best way to grow. This is the principle on which the extensive network of Catalan clusters operates, accredited by ACCIÓ.

During the session led by David Andreu, various topics related to the financial function within companies in the context of a cluster were addressed. The first part of the session focused on adapting the financial function to the requirements of a cluster, financial statement analysis, working capital management, key ratios for cluster economic management, and budgetary control.

In the second part of the session, topics such as cluster financing and best practices in this area were analyzed, as well as the roles played by different participants (Cluster Manager – Treasurer – President), grant accounting, and the concepts behind the VAT apportionment and the dichotomy between general apportionment and special apportionment.

Addwill, with the professionals comprising its Controlling & Reporting department and thanks to previous experiences in financial management and management control in multinational companies, seeks to apply this expertise to the world of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The main service areas of the Controlling & Reporting department include budgeting, implementation of budget monitoring procedures, financial model development, financial and banking restructuring, turnaround services, and implementation of management systems (SAP, CMS, Dashboards).

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