At addwill, we want to ensure that you are informed about the main labor obligations that every company must fulfill annually, which can affect your business. Therefore, it is essential that you are aware of them.

Below, we present a summary of these obligations:

  • Equality Plan: If your company has a workforce of 50 or more employees, it is mandatory to implement an Equality Plan. This set of measures aims to eliminate obstacles that hinder gender equality and prevent discrimination based on sex in both public and private companies.

  • Occupational Risk Prevention Plan (PRL): It is crucial to design a PRL that includes the organizational structure, responsibilities, functions, practices, procedures, and resources necessary to ensure occupational risk prevention in your company, in accordance with established regulations.

  • Harassment Protocol: Regardless of your company’s size, it is mandatory to implement a protocol for sexual and/or gender-based harassment, with specific procedures to address any case that may arise within the organization. Having the document is not enough; it must be properly implemented and disseminated throughout the company.

  • Data Protection: All companies that handle personal data, such as customer, supplier, or employee data, must comply with data protection regulations (LOPDGDD).

LISMI: If your workforce consists of 50 or more employees, you must comply with the General Disability Law, reserving 2% of the workforce for individuals with a disability equal to or greater than 33%. There are alternative measures available in exceptional cases.

  • Digital Disconnection Protocol:

Data protection laws also require establishing an internal policy to guarantee the right to digital disconnection for workers outside their working hours.

  • Timekeeping Records: The company must ensure the daily recording of each employee’s working hours and provide a copy of this record to part-time employees, along with their monthly payroll.

  • Salary Register by Gender: All companies, regardless of size, must maintain a salary register disaggregated by gender and distributed among professional groups, categories, or equal or equivalent positions.

  • Collective Agreement Insurance: If collective bargaining requires it, it is necessary to take out collective agreement insurance to protect employees in case of work-related accidents.

  • Opening of a Workplace: It is essential to notify the Labor Authority when creating a workplace or making significant changes to an existing one.

  • Telework Agreement: When employees work a minimum of 30% of their monthly hours from their home or another location, an individual agreement must be signed and registered with the public employment service.

Remember that failing to comply with these obligations may result in penalties for your company. If you need more information or advice, do not hesitate to contact our labor department. At addwill, we are here to help you comply with all these labor obligations and ensure the well-being of your company and employees.

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