In recent days, new regulations have been published with tax modifications, some of them especially relevant.

In the autonomous area, the Parlament of Catalonia has approved a substantial tax increase, increasing the tax rates in the autonomous section of personal income tax for incomes between 90,000 euros and 175,000 euros and carrying out a series of modifications in the Inheritance Tax, which result in a significant increase in the tax burden of this tax for the heirs who are spouses, ascendants and descendants of the deceased, especially punishing those cases in which the so-called family business bonus is applicable.

Likewise, a new Catalan tax has been created on facilities that affect the environment, the Tax on stays in tourist establishments and the Tax on sugary drinks have been increased, and other modifications have been made in other taxes such as the ITP or the Tax about empty houses.

At the state level, within the framework of measures to support the cultural sector, there have been tax changes, increasing tax incentives related to film production, as well as increasing the amount of personal income tax deductions for donations made to non-profit entities.

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