As we will explain in future publications, the Transfer of Our company to Andorra reported important benefits to our business, so it would be very interesting to find out about the advantages that this entailed and begin to assess it. If you finally end up opting for the Transfer and opening of your business in Andorra, then we tell you the Requirements to create a company:

1 Obtaining an administrative identification number

In order to start any procedure, Foreigners who are not resident in the Principality, who at no time in the past had carried out any procedure with the Andorran administration, should request an administrative identification number (NIA).

2.Application for a company name

As in Spain, an application for a company name for the Entity must be submitted to the Andorran administration. Up to three numbers may be included in said request, in order of preference, in case the first one is denied.

3.Authorization of foreign investment

Once the company name has been obtained, the application for Foreign Investment Authorization must be made to the Andorran Government, in order for it to be granted, a copy of the identification document must be provided, along with a certificate of the criminal record of each of the partners who will constitute the company.

4.Bank deposit

Once the Fear Authorization is granted by the Government of Andorra, the minimum share capital required must be deposited in a bank in the country, in the case of incorporation of a limited company, three thousand euros, in the case of a public limited company, this will be of sixty thousand euros, the capital must be fully subscribed and paid up. Likewise, the bank must issue a certificate accrediting the said depository.

5.Formalization of writing

Once all the permits and previous certificates have been obtained, as was the case in Spain, the deed of incorporation of the company must be formalized before a Notary Public. Finally, those partners who meet a series of requirements will have the right to request a residence and work permit in the country, if they decide to do so, they must communicate in Spain the modified super conditions of tax resident, in addition to all the additional procedures related to the low of super activity, etc.

Our team of Experts in addition to taking care of all the previously mentioned procedures, Reduce text and take care of the daily management of the super company, super accounting, the management of taxes, both those of the company and those of over administrators or partners , and Other procedures.

If you want, you can find out on our website about the services we can offer you, or you can contact us directly so that we can help you create a company in Andorra.