In relation to the publication that we made on March 12, 2019, and that you can read by clicking here, we want to remind companies of the obligation to establish a system of daily registration of the hours of their employees, which must include the beginning and the end of the day of each one of the workers, independently of the flexible schedule. It is the company’s obligation to keep the hourly records for four years and they must be available to their employees, legal representatives and the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate.

The maximum penalty for not having the daily hourly registration system amounts to € 6,250.

We would like to inform you that Labor Inspections are being carried out in those companies that have applied an ERTE. They are asked for the express registration of the people who have been affected, as well as the calendar established with the day worked by each worker for months. In the case of not having the obligatory hourly record, in addition to the established sanctions, the exemptions of quotas applied during the different months may be lost, that is to say, the exemptions that have been applied will have to be returned.

We take the opportunity to attach a model of time record communicating the mandatory control that must be sent to workers, which they have to adapt according to their control system. You can download it by clicking here.

For more details, please contact your regular Labor Department contact.